Working Films filming at RECFEST

We’re looking forward once again to filming at flagship event of the year – Recfest. Last year’s theme was a Brazilian street carnival and you can see the video we produced here. This year the theme is RecFest Revolution and takes the event onto another level from the record-breaking turnout from last year with […]

RECex films released

On the 20th June 2017, at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, we partnered with the NORA Academy to film a new event in the recruitment industry. RECex is a new TED Talk inspired presentation format, filmed live by our team and each presentation edited for the website. We have a highly technical team […] 0 3

What’s your career life story?

Work doesn’t happen in isolation. Sometimes we act as though it does. When someone comes into the office, or we see them up on stage we make judgements about them, their job and their life whilst actually knowing very little or sometimes nothing about them at all. It is easy to forget that, as Bill […] 1 4

NORA partnering with Working Films for RECex

Working Films is excited to be partnering with the National Online Recruitment Academy for the very first event of its kind within the recruitment industry. RECex takes place on Tuesday 20th June 2017 at the Leicester Square Theatre in London. About RECex Filmed in front of a live theatre audience of 150 recruitment professionals, RECex […] 2 5

Career Life Stories – Sponsorship and Partnering Opportunities

Following the successful launch of Career Life Stories last year with our first guests Bill Boorman and Matthew Jeffery, this year we plan to develop a full series featuring guests from all around the world. We want more stories to be shared and for our audience to grow. To support this we are looking for […] 0 6

Career Life Stories – Episode 1 trailer release

Watch the trailer for the first episode of Career Life Stories with Bill Boorman to get a sneak preview of what to expect. 1 7


Check out the film we produced for RECFEST16, one of the recruitment events of the summer. More to follow on the content we captured, production process and what we learnt from the experience. RecFest 2016 from Working Films on Vimeo. 2 8

Creativity and Innovation – The new needs friends

Creativity and innovation are sometimes thought of as great ideas and flashes of inspiration. Ideas that float around in the ether waiting to be grabbed by a genius who can take this fully formed idea and turn it into something amazing. But creation comes from the culmination of thousands – millions – maybe tens of […] 0 9

Career Life Stories – launching in September

Career Life Stories is launching in September with its first pilot episode filmed earlier this year. I’ve personally, always been intrigued about what lies behind that. What motivates someone and what is their real life story? Not just what we see at conferences, but how have they got to be doing what they’re doing and […] 1 10

Working Films – Official Film Partner for RecFest16

Working Films is the official film partner for RecFest16. Organised by the team behind the Reconverse events, this exciting event takes place in Borough Market, London with over 350 in-house recruiters in attendance. The theme is that of a Brazilian Street Carnival and is a celebration of recruitment with some of the industry’s leading speakers […] 2 11