Creativity and Innovation – The new needs friends

Creativity and innovation are sometimes thought of as great ideas and flashes of inspiration. Ideas that float around in the ether waiting to be grabbed by a genius who can take this fully formed idea and turn it into something amazing. But creation comes from the culmination of thousands – millions – maybe tens of […]

Career Life Stories – launching in September

Career Life Stories is launching in September with its first pilot episode filmed earlier this year. I’ve personally, always been intrigued about what lies behind that. What motivates someone and what is their real life story? Not just what we see at conferences, but how have they got to be doing what they’re doing and […] 0 3

Working Films – Official Film Partner for RecFest16

Working Films is the official film partner for RecFest16. Organised by the team behind the Reconverse events, this exciting event takes place in Borough Market, London with over 350 in-house recruiters in attendance. The theme is that of a Brazilian Street Carnival and is a celebration of recruitment with some of the industry’s leading speakers […] 1 4

The Value of Volunteering

We dealt with the subject of volunteering in one of the most rewarding projects we have worked on. Work has such a powerful effect on the structure of our lives and play an important part in the fabric of society. One particular project we worked on is a reminder of the important role that work […] 2 5

Working with the UK’s Secret Intelligence Agencies

Sometimes our work gives us privileged access to some of the most interesting work that is out there. This can come in many forms and is often in the detail of people and their work. There are few organisations that create as much intrigue as the intelligence agencies. A lot of the work we have […] 0 6

Passionate about people and their work

Being passionate about people and their work is our fundamental starting point. What they do, why they do it and what motivates them to achieve in their work. We are not purely a production company as, Working Films is also founded on the experience of employer branding and recruitment communications and the delivery of media […] 1 7

The Power of Film – Top 10 Tips for Employer Branding Films

Employer branding films are more important than ever to get right and showcase what makes your organisation different as a place to work. These are our top 10 tips to consider when using video and film. 1. It’s all about the story Film has little impact if it doesn’t have a story. No matter how […] 2 8