Passionate about people and their work

People and their workBeing passionate about people and their work is our fundamental starting point. What they do, why they do it and what motivates them to achieve in their work.

We are not purely a production company as, Working Films is also founded on the experience of employer branding and recruitment communications and the delivery of media across these streams.  The video production team are obviously a vital component, but just as essential is ensuring the films are made to work and reflect the organisation as an employer and communicating to the right people through the most effective channels.

Employer Brand

The way in which video and film is used should be integral to any employer brand. Many organisations will have a suite of films reflecting different components of their employer brand and the work they are doing whilst utilising different digital and social channels to deliver bite sized chunks as well as more feature films showcasing their people and their work. Remembering that an employer brand itself is not a component but an integral aspect of an organisation shows that its presence is reflected in ALL the organisation’s work.

Production costs

Finally, production costs have decreased significantly in the past few years. Digital media and online editing is more affordable than it has ever been meaning that it is more accessible for more organisations too. This will see the market become more competitive and the emphasis will grow on the delivery and application as well as the production.

Producing film and video is exciting and rewarding. Organisations benefit hugely from producing effective video and the end result is always worthwhile.

Your People

We never forget what we do and why we do it. The real value  and inspiration for our clients – and for us – ultimately comes from the people within their own organisation. Your People. Their Work.

People and their work