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This autumn sees the launch of a new dedicated Career Life Stories website that will feature main episodes, extras, audio downloads and more for each of our featured guests. We have a new line up that will feature fantastic guests. Sign up to receive latest news and notification when the new site is live and details of the upcoming series.

Career Life Stories

Episode 3: Gareth Jones


Episode 2: Matthew Jeffery

New Episode out now with Matthew Jeffery.

Career Life Stories: Episode 1 – Bill Boorman

Episode 1: Bill Boorman

Our first episode of Career Life Stories is with Bill Boorman. Bill gives an honest and frank account of his life and career to date. From dealing with the consequences of the financial meltdown that affected his own business, the impact on his home and family life, to the reinvention that has led to the global success of the Tru Unconference events, Bill talks openly about his life and career whilst sharing very personal insights and experiences about his upbringing and role as a husband and father.

Work doesn’t happen in isolation and we often forget the backdrop of everyday life that people are also dealing with. Bill’s story is a fascinating one and we’re very grateful to Bill for being our first guest. A truly inspirational and engaging interview.

About Career Life Stories

Work has a massive impact on not just our lives, but also the lives of those around us. Work doesn’tCareer Life Stories happen in isolation and the decisions that we make shape both our lives and our careers. There are many people we may see in industry or we know of which we only see a particular side of without knowing and understanding the various paths and challenges that have led them to be where they are today. Career Life Stories is filmed in partnership with Bath Spa University who have one of the best studio facilities in the UK.

 View the trailer for our first episode:

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